Sunday, July 8, 2007

Physical Fitness?

It's quite amazing how quick and effortless falling out of shape is. Amid training for the biggest [single] performance of the year, the Colorado Dragonboat Festival, I find myself with a level of physical ability that is very limited compared to where I was one short year ago..

Also, yesterday we went for a hike up Mount Sanitas ( For the Kung Fu people out there, it's the usual trail that Shifu takes us. Going up and down this trail in 50 minutes was very scenic and fun, but the most physically exerting activity I've done in a long time. (also, i think it's has been two years since i've been up this trail... =/)

However, the end result was more than rewarding (a few more pictures on Facebook. I was too lazy to upload them here... :P)
Now I'm ridiculously tired, but strangely satisfied... "runner's high", i suppose?

For those of you in CO reading this blog, I'm going to start the advertisement/pressure right now. Come to the Dragonboat Festival!!


Melvina said...

You write very well.