Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Chocolate Bag Escapade

Since today was the 4th of July, I got a much needed day off work. After sleeping in as long as I wanted (getting up at 8:30..) I decided to take on the task of trying a recipe that i'd been meaning to make for a good month now: the Chocolate Bag dessert
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Since i didn't have any special bags that Jackie Shen mentioned using on hand, i tried making my own out of wax paper. A 2x3 block became my mold for making the bags....
chocolate prep/handling equipment:
- makeshift microwave-safe double boiler
- brush

I quickly realized just how difficult handling melted chocolate can be. the first bag didn't hold up its form well, and this was the result i got after i put it in the freezer and peeled off the paper:

Though slightly discouraged, I decided to try again using a different method. Brown paper grocery bag lined with wax paper?

So far so good, i suppose. the brown paper was much sturdier... now to brush chocolate on the inside, and pop it in the freezer for a good 30 minutes or so....

and time to take a break. (note the unknown aftermath of my previous mess, still stuck on my cheek in this on it for the full size pic :P)
out of the freezer, and the unpeel. unfortunately, there were some thin spots, so the chocolate shell suffered some damage as i took the wax paper off... -__-
the making of the white chocolate mousse was an adventure of its own, but i finally got some right. (suitable for filling such a bag =] ) Now for garnish.... (blueberries, strawberries, fresh mint leaf from the garden, and chocolate syrup)

and done! Happy 4th everyone! (patriotic cheesecake courtesy of my mighty bro, Stone :D)

comments? suggestions?


Vania said... does this thingy noe my name is vania?

that looks amazing =] make it during NSW or some time during NU!!!

i think u should convert to xanga so i dont hafta bounce around blogs ^_^

Tiffany said...

yeah... that's kinda creepy. they know my name too.

but it doesn't matter!!

haha great job with the blog. i love the pictures.

man. why do you and your brother get the awesome cooking skills! share some with us! :D

John Yu said...

my guess is that you are both Google (Gmail) users. Blogger is a Google app (which makes it better than Xanga :P)