Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sticky and Buttery

Yesterday Tiffany and I made Sticky Buns!

The dough making process was pretty involved. As Tiffany puts it, you first make the dough, then add a ton of butter to it...! Then there's a lot of waiting involved: 6 hours in the fridge after the dough has come together, and another 2-3 hours after the buns are shaped. The worst wait is of course the last one: 20-30 torturous minutes of cooling in the pan after they come out of the oven.
The result? Beautifully sticky and at the same time flaky. Not bad for our first attempt at making a Brioche dough!
(Buns with raisins shaped by me, Sans raisins by Tiffany)

(I won't mind if you stare at my buns. Just this once)

Tiffany's awesome cinnamon rolls... fun sized!

Sadly, I did not take pictures while we were making them, but we hope you enjoy these pictures of the freshly baked buns.

And just in case the evening wasn't unhealthy enough, here is a key lime cheesecake just in case