Tuesday, January 5, 2010

first day and second day

(posted retroactively, but written earlier today..)
January 5th, 2009 12:55pm

I'm sitting at me desk sipping the first batch of coffee made by the new French Press I got at IKEA, getting ready for an afternoon's work with some real blood runs in the lab.

Last night I went to SPAC for the first time in a while, and I saw all of the different people getting their New Years resolutions on. I don't usually make New Years resolutions (if I need improvement in areas of my life, why wait until the calendar changes to do it??), but I suppose now is a good time to reflect and make some improvements..

Here are some things that I would like to do...

1) Take 1 good photo a day. Digital Photography School mentioned the Photo A Day Challenge, and how dramatically your photog skills improve just by trying to get one good photo a day. Seems like it's worth a try.

2) Try 3 new recipes a week. Every day when I come home from work/class, I feel at a loss of inspiration when it comes to what I should make for dinner... Now that I'm following so many food blogs and have been exposed to so many mouthwatering ideas, it's about time I make a schedule to try them out.

3) Hone the mind+body. A lot fits under this category, (and yes this is a very cliche term) but I guess the biggest thing I'd like to improve is my flexibility... Any believers that I'll be able to do the splits by the end of the year?

4)Finish my bamboo bike frame before the end of Winter Quarter!! I never updated my friends/the world about this project, but I shall do that

For now, enjoy a movie from the year previous. My friends and I decided to take on the task of making the worst movie ever that was still serious (think overdone high school English class project...) Enjoy it if you can :P