Monday, June 30, 2008


I short while ago, I realized that it's almost been an entire year since I've posted on this blog. I suppose life has been keeping me busy, but hopefully I'll set aside time and use this more and more to reflect, reset, and realign.

Watching commencement/convocation and seeing several of my close friends walk made me realize more than ever what amazing people I've had the privilege of knowing. I only hope I can come close to their achievements (and it'll take a lott of work..). And as I realize that my turn to do the same will come in two years, it feels like I still have a good amount of time before I have to face adulthood head-on. Yet, if two years can pass as quickly as the most recent ones have, I guess I don't have much time at all (eek).

Another year has passed in the course of the undergraduate career, with this one ever more challenging and exciting, with a good amount of achievements and shortfalls to go with it. Now as I sit in a living room still new to me, the million dollar question comes down to whether or not I'm happy with where I am.
I guess that's enough to chew on for now..